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How To Eat Truffles

Close your eyes and allow each truffle to take you, first with the snap of the shell and then through the disappearing into the sensual inner that has been blended to perfection. No two truffles are the same and each demands complete presence. Eating truffles is about chocolate presence; there is nothing like it for chocolate lovers!



What makes a perfect truffle?
It should offer a full sensory and sensual experience, a moment of total presence...

First there is the sight of it – the decoration, shape, and beauty of the truffle awakens the eye and opens the taste buds to the potential available.

Then there is the holding, just briefly to awaken our sense of touch. The hands selflessly bring the jewel to the mouth so that it does not melt, but leaves a lingering smell and sense on the finger tips and a waft of chocolate fragrance to the nose.

Then there is the snap of the first bite. The shell of a truffle should snap (just like the pop of a wine bottle.) This awakens the hearing and prewarns the taste buds. The heart is now beating in anticipation.

Finally the taste and texture; allowing the truffle to fully have all the senses. The mind quietens and there is only this moment, the deep glorious wonder of a full chocolate truffle moment.

And then we can go back for another bite!!
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