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Top School

Our Chocolate School features in Lonely Planet's Top 10 Culinary Schools. That's Top 10 in the world by the way!
'Possibly the finest chocolates outside of Europe'
- Southern Hospitality Magazine
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Founder of She Universe

Founder of She Universe and internationally renowned Spiritual Teacher, B’s vibrant teachings are the essence that inspires our life, vision and creativity at She. B offers a profoundly unique and enlightening perspective on Life from the smallest matters that shape our personal lives to the biggest universal questions of human existence.
World Retreats / Talks and Events

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introductory evenings

'The Form' is a powerful meditative practice shared daily at She. Developed by B Prior, Founder of She, it is a profound movement that can be shared with another or practiced individually.

Come along to one of our introductory evenings to experience and discover The Form...
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logoNew Sculptures
She Universe is pleased to have Creative Castings amazing sculptures in our gardens and in house. We highly recommend that you visit their website or show room:
240A Waltham Rd
 Christchurch Tel: 03 366 1261