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Our Chocolate School features in Lonely Planet's Top 10 Culinary Schools. That's Top 10 in the world by the way!
'Possibly the finest chocolates outside of Europe'
- Southern Hospitality Magazine
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Welcome to She Universe!

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  • Chocolate Bar @ The Tannery
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  • 1947 Double Decker Red Bus
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Open Easter Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon!

Chocolate School - Easter Special Prices:
$125 per person (save $40) or $200 for two people (save $130!).
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Kids Chocolate School - Monday 28th April - $55

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Press Releases
Project Christmas23/02/2014 

Caring for the Community with Chocolate Relief
She’s Chocolate Bus, has become synomonus with the community and revival of Christchurch since its introduction to the City in September 2010. Its arrival coincided with the very first earthquake to hit the city.
We are now seeking the help of the Community of Christchurch and the wider community to restore the bus.A Pledge Me campaign has been launched seeking to raise $50,000 to help install a new engine and gear box logo 170x99-4e87e633522f714d2adc8efd06809e08and also to help carry out much needed restorative body work. Every dollar beyond $25,000 will go towards doing restorative work and to support a number of new community initiatives planned. Read More..
To donate to the campaign go click here
For more information contact Declan Scott on 027 695 8922 /

Emily Smith from Cholmondeley with the Chocolate for Cholmondeley Lollipops by She Universe(copy)(copy)She Universe Creates Chocolate Lollipop for Cholmondeley 

A wonderful partnership that was waiting to happen.
She Universe (formally She Chocolat) of Governors Bay has created a beautiful chocolate lollipop to help raise funds for Cholmondeley Children’s Centre.
She Universe has just released the chocolate lollipop to coincide with the opening of the new She Universe shop in The Tannery, Christchurch. Read More...

Summer Collection
'Love More Love'
Hibiscus, vanilla & coconut
Mocha coffee ganache
Sea salted caramel
Mascarpone, almond & fig
Ambrosia Elixir Oceania Resonance
As a Being, you are at the beginning middle and end of the creation of the Universe. Just one drop of what you really are can create a whole new life for you and the whole of Humanity, it's that potent!
Bernie Prior